Who we are?

YOUNGO consists of many youth-led organizations, groups, delegations, and individuals working in climate change-related fields. YOUNGO is organized in different Working Groups that focus on different aspects of the UNFCCC negotiations and beyond, and work to ensure that perspectives of young and future generations are taken into account in the international decision-making processes. Besides that, YOUNGO members observe and report on climate negotiations and the implications of their outcomes.
YOUNGO is one of the nine Civil Society Constituencies of the UNFCCC. We are a network of children and youth organisations, groups, and individuals who identify themselves as children or youth below the age of 35 years. YOUNGO is by youth, with youth, for youth.
We have an organized flat structure with no hierarchies and all decisions are taken by consensus via established decision-making guidelines. All engaging entities e.g. different NGOs – irrespective of their scale, have equal voice.


Youth Participation in UNFCCC Processes


No Hierarchy


Guided by decision-making guidelines


Engaging entities have equal voice


children and youth constituency to a body of the UN

What we do?

YOUNGO members work on a voluntary basis driven by intrinsic motivation to fulfill our vision and mission, while following YOUNGO’s principles and the Code of Conduct. YOUNGO is organized in different Working Groups focusing on different aspects of the UNFCCC negotiations and beyond. Besides that, YOUNGO members observe and report on climate negotiations and the implications of their outcomes.




The work and structure of YOUNGO is at its core guided by the overwriting principles of consensus-based decision-making, flat hierarchies, as well as inclusion and equitable representation. As a consequence, none of the YOUNGO roles and institutions described below have any designated or de facto decision-making power and instead function as facilitating and supporting elements in the work of the wider YOUNGO constituency.
Working Groups
WGs are teams who work on a particular theme. The Thematic Working Groups work to lobby for the inclusion of specific content in the negotiations and their outcomes, whereas the Operational Working Groups plan, coordinate and support on an operational level.
Global Coordination Team
The YOUNGO Global Coordination Team is a group of dedicated and experienced volunteers who provide support to YOUNGO to enable its work to be as effective as possible. It provides oversight, facilitation and support to YOUNGO, but does not take a strategic or political stand to 'direct' the constituency.
YOUNGO Focal Points
YOUNGO annually elects two FP, one from Global North and Global South. The mandate of the FP is to liaise with external contacts and primarily with the UNFCCC Secretariat. FP are expected to serve the constituency in a neutral manner and the role is voluntary in nature.
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YOUNGO has a membership of over 1000+ youth organisations / NGOs and 10,000+ individuals and we are growing every day. The members are connected via the official mailing list of YOUNGO, which also serves as a moderated communication channel for all official communication within YOUNGO.