The Official Children and Youth Constituency of
the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)


We are the voices of youth in the climate negotiations and UNFCCC processes.

Young people around the world are actively engaged in the effort to reverse the climate crisis, leading and participating in a multitude of initiatives at the local, sub-national, national, regional and international levels to create a climate friendly future for all of us. Our strong commitment to make the world a just and climate friendly place has motivated us to participate in international climate negotiations under UNFCCC to ensure that truly no one is left behind.


YOUNGO focuses on the following areas:
  1. Awareness, Knowledge and Capacity Building
  2. Collaboration, Cooperation and Network
  3. Policy, Lobby and Advocacy
  4. Youth Action


We aim and envision
A climate positive and just society living in harmony with nature and the planet
An empowered youth generation, who is driving meaningful, impactful and positive change locally, nationally and internationally
A UN where youth is sitting at the decision-making tables and is taken seriously

Guide for UNFCCC COP

My experience prompted me to write this Guide for future first-time youth participants at the UNFCCC COP so that their participation in the summit will be more informed, target-oriented and productive. By no means it is a comprehensive or complete guide so I hope that over time it will gather more input from the community. - Beniamin Strzelecki

YOUNGO Core Engagements

Awareness, Knowledge and Capacity Building

We raise awareness, share knowledge and build capacity and skills through our platform and working groups, which create an evidence base for best practices through the assessment of existing knowledge, generating new knowledge, identification of emerging issues, and effective use and dissemination. This is for example done through webinars, workshops and events such as the Conference of Youth.

Collaboration, Cooperation and Network

We are a network and facilitate collaboration and cooperation activities for young people to enhance their network and trigger projects in accordance with our vision. This is for example done through meetings with Parties and other constituencies or briefings with the UNFCCC and further UN entities as well interested further NGOs, institutions, networks, movements and stakeholders.

Policy, Lobby and Advocacy

We advocate for pragmatic, responsible and ambitious climate just policies. Through our submissions and interventions, among other activities, we facilitate the collective participation of young people in official and formal avenues of policy design, implementation, monitoring, follow-up, and review at all levels. Furthermore, we support and facilitate children and youth participation and engagement in local, national, and especially international climate processes

Youth Action

We mobilize youth and provide a platform that encourages youth to lead, join, showcase, and share innovative and effective actions. Furthermore, we support and stand in solidarity with youth actions around the world.